Friday, July 18, 2008

DeStress: Finances

Did you know, that financial stresses are cited as a top deal breaker for divorced couples? Its at the top of the list for stress-causers in the US, and that most likely is not a shocker to most of us!
Stress comes inherently with dealing with finances. But it doesnt have to be that way.

The stress strategies employs for this area are easy: get CONTROL of it! Get it DONE! Get a new PLAN! Get a new PERSPECTIVE!, Get OVER it, ! Get RID of it!, Give it to GOD ..all of them apply!

I can absolutely promise you, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, that if you get control of this area of your life your stress level WILL decrease overall. No question. I know, because this is a huge area of focus for our family, and our marriage. Huge.

Managing your finances is a way of life. Living in financial peace is a process that is ongoing and oh, so rewarding. Not only for your pocketbook, but for your marriage (because true financial peace MUST be a two-person job inside a marriage) and your children. Think of the gift you will be giving your family when they learn right NOW that ...

We must get control of our budgets, pennies, debt and future in finances.

We must get it done ..meaning we have to follow through with that budget, we must live the life necessary to maintain a debt-free, financially peaceful life.

We must get rid and get over DEBT!

We must get a new plan for dealing with our finances on a daily basis. If you dont control your money, it WILL control you!

We must get a new perspective when it comes to how we see debt, saving, and financial freedom.

And lastly, but most importantly, we need to give everything we have to God was His to start with. We are managers of the plentiful resources he gave us!

As I am sure you are well aware, our system of choice is Dave Ramsey's, Financial Peace. Because of this system we are truly living in financial peace. It doesnt mean that we have a ridiculous amount of money, but that what we have we have learned to manage it well.

If finances are causing you stress, then focus on that ...destressing THAT will help your overall level by incredible amounts!

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