Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DeStress Body: Energy

I am really benefitting from a focus on getting my body in shape!

I am working on my weight, in so much as I want it to be in a healthier range. I am using to help me with my nutrition. And, I am working on getting on a regular workout schedule. It has helped mentally, I can tell for sure. Its harder to eat the high cal stuff when you worked so hard to lose the calories from your hips!

I am really focusing on eating for energy ...which entails stopping when full, and foods that are natural energy makers. I am far from excellent at this area ..but it feels good to be heading in the right direction.

Its really a great motivator for me to remember that I need to use my physical energy effectively, and that includes to do what I need to do to create the right kinds of energy in my body.

My family, my purpose and my passions all benefit from this effort..its worth it for all of us!

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