Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Play ...

So, some more ideas on how to play with the kids. Another way to look at it, more ways to reduce our little ones stress :)

Just sitting down and doing whatever they happen to be doing at the time. Ty loves it when I sit and play trains, cars, or picking up a crayon and color with him :)

Watching cartoons WITH them, ask questions and point details out. Cartoons help me get stuff done! But, I get quality time points when I sit down and watch with him for a minute or two. Ty loves to explain the storylines and tell me about his favorite characters. I have gotten a few laughs out of his explanations too!

Observation times in the real world. Stuck at the tire store or some other "adult" place where the isnt alot for kids to enjoy? Sit and count windows, cars passing, find colors or play and "I spy" game. Even boring times can be quality time!

Making messes. We COULD be stressed whenever we see a mess in the back yard, or with the toilet paper. And, obviously we cant let them get away with everything. But how bout the next time they are playing with the toilet paper you make it a game ...with a strict instruction to never do it again when its done! :) Or, spray them with the water hose instead of being upset they got it out (again, with strict instructions not to do it again!).

Car time. We have a DVD player in the mini-van. Its wonderful. But, I takes away some of our discussion, music, and observation time. Just like at home, turn it off and talk about their favorite music, characters, or what they see.

Feeling overwhelmed with all that you have to do, but the kids are begging for attention? USE THE TIMER! Again, kids love boundaries, so setting the timer either for a stop time for what you are doing (then their time starts), or you are setting the timer for "their" time - its a useful tool for fitting in those most important moments!

Another idea, to get more ideas, is a book like "Moms and the Move: Keeping Little Hands Busy". My mom gave me this book, and its about keeping little hands busy, and using those things as life and Godly lessons. LOVE IT.

Also, Usborne Books has a set of cards called "50 Rainy Day Activities" - they have ideas of stuff to do with your little ones and they are nice and easy to pick through :)

There are links attached to both of those so you can find them if you want them :)

So, todays challenge is to go PLAY with your kids! Remember, NOTHING on your list is more important than them!

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  1. good stuff! I am sitting here doing my bills while they are happily playing in the pool outside. They would love it if i just came out and layed in the sun with them! Thanks for the inspiration.


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