Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 for 1 Deal

Isnt it great when you can get a BOGO deal at the grocery store? It meakes you feel like you have somehow beat the system and hold the trophy for master shopper?

I love that feeling.

I get that feeling when I can meet two needs in my home, with one job also.

For example, when you are vacuuming and the kids like to get in the way. Vacuuming is a job you need to do in the home, but the kids are beggin for attention too? Then, for us the vacuum becomes a "shark" and the couch becomes the "ship" and we are playing AND getting the floor cleaned!

Or, when you are cleaning the bathroom, and the kids are right there underfoot. Give them a sponge each, put them IN the tub and assign them a wall. A little colored water in a spray bottle will keep them busy for long enough to get the other stuff done AND you got points for both!

How about when you are waiting at the doctors office, or auto repair shop and you have busy hands and feet everywhere. Go, sit on the curb outside and count the cars going by, or play "I Spy" in the waiting room.

Take time the next few days and see when you can create memories, AND get the other stuff done. Remember, the memories are most important, but its nice when you can combine both!

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