Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Change of Focus

When I started the study, "Life Management for Busy Women" by Elizabeth George, about 4 months ago I started a journey of realization that has become somewhat of a passion of mine.

During my studying for that class, and trying to incorporate her suggestions for making God a part of every facet of my life, I stumbled on a thought and concept in my own mind that has grown to a change in my thinking and an effort that effects everything I do.

This idea began slowly, and thoughts built on thoughts, thoughts became prayers, prayers became nudges from the Spirit, nudges became action and now it consumes my thinking on a daily if not hourly basis.

Its this concept that FIRST, I am a temple of the Holy Spirit - a vessel to do His work. I am tool in the hands of the Creator. My body is a valuable resource in His completing His work in my world.

This lead to a place of pondering about what that means, and how I take care of my body as a tool of God's. I realized that being able to do the work that He has planned for me requires ENERGY. To fulfull my purpose as He has assigned I have to have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy.

Looking at myself, I realize that THAT is in short supply nowadays! With two little ones under 4 years old, a husband and home to care for, other family and friend relationships that need supported and nurtured, church work and working as a nurse two weekends a month I realize I dont have alot of left over energy!

I started to get very introspective on what creates energy, and what takes it away from me. Because, what takes energy away from ME takes energy away from the possible work that God as for me to do, IF I am not using that energy to that end.

I discovered that there is one HUGE thing that we all have that creates a tremendous drain (with a powerful PUMP!) on our energy on every level (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual).

It is stress.

This monster I struggle with constantly leaves me feeling drained, overwhelmed, guilty, unproductive, weary, muddled, out of focus and frustrated.

I look around at the people around me and I see stress written on the faces of men, women, children, mothers, fathers, friends, old, young many.

I see people being overwhelmed with life in general and all the little things and big things that serve to bring us to a breaking point.

We are the most blest nation in the world, yet I wonder if for all the stress we dont see or arent able to enjoy that we are.

When I asked God to open my eyes to where my stress came from I was amazed at what I saw!

Here, is where I want to share that journey with you. I hope that you can find some truth here, and that we can together find our way to a stressLESS life in Christ!

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