Sunday, May 13, 2012

7: Getting Started

So, it feels like the 7 project has come along at just the right time for me!

In my period of waiting for God to move my family forward it seems a perfect time to focus my mind and energies on considering things of Him. In times where seeking God is on the forefront of our hearts and minds, it seems the right time to fast and pray for his guidance.

I have loved reading of Jen Hatmaker's journey through her 7 fasts. I have loved to see how she grew through each one, and the changes that she ultimately made because of them. I have loved to see how her personal struggles exhibited themselves in her decisions about what to fast from and her level of determination in fasting from each area.

I find her determination and motivation quite inspiring. Even still, I know that even as I start to consider how these fasts look for me I know they will look worlds different from hers. Even though I intend to use her list of areas to excess to fast from, I anticipate using some variations as they fit our needs, my heart and as the Spirit leads :)

Aside from variations on the individual fasts themselves, there are a few things I will do a bit differently as far as the project goes.

* I will do my fasts a week (7 days) at a time ...this fits into my current season well, and allows for big changes were God to decide the next few weeks are the ones where we make them! :)

* I will combine some of the fasts. I am not sure that I would tell someone to do it this way, but I am loving the idea of bring a few of these fasts together and working on them simultaneously.  I am going to put the food and clothing fasts together (thinking of limits on the body, inside and out),  the possessions and shopping together (thinking of decreasing spending and getting rid of things at the same time), and stress and media (thinking of decluttering outside stimulation and focusing on inwards peacefulness). The fast on wastefulness will be an ongoing thing throughout the month.  This only makes up 3 weeks total, but I figure that allows for life to happen and who knows ...maybe we will find something else to fast from for that week :)

* My family is only involved to a limited degree (read, so limited they may not even know it). I have decided that it isn't really fair to drag my husband into this without it being something he chooses to do, and while he is a good listener for my crazy schemes he isn't really committed to them as of yet :)  We will see if he notices me wearing the same things for a solid week! ha!

* I anticipate starting on Monday ..which really offends my sense of orderliness because I would like start at the beginning of the month or perhaps some other "beginning" that makes more sense besides not-the-middle nor the beginning of the month. But, Monday will work for the time being.

* I will post at the end of my week of fasting instead of as I go, hoping that will make for easier reading were anyone to want to read it.

If you are perhaps fasting in some way, either as part of the 7 project or not ..I would love to know to be praying for you!

I am excited to see what God has planned for the next weeks ahead!

{Update: You can follow my efforts on fasting from food here!}

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