Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Present is a Gift

It's funny, how when you are moving towards wonderful things your sights seem to be so focused on moving forward that you forget to enjoy the scenery where you are.

As we are picking up speed, and the Steeds are actively moving towards our long term plan of a move closer to family, we are so excited about what is coming. We are closing in on a week, when we will be loading up the truck and heading out.

Despite our excitement for what is coming, we are sad to leave those who we love so dearly here. I have never had a geographical home base, until now.

Being the daughter of a minister/missionary, we moved every 2-4 years growing up. Home was where mom was, and wasnt as much about our house or the town we lived in. We were always home as long as mom, the Amish dolls and the yellow pot were all in the house or in that town.

All that changed when me and my newlywed husband moved to SC just about 9 years ago. We moved here pre-kids, just getting things started. We have had three babies here, my husband has started a new nursing career and we have made many wonderful friends.

My natural tendency is to focus so heavily on what is coming that I dont remember where I have been, or what I have around me right now. Where I have been is years of wonderful friendships, a loving church family, a steady-flexible full-time then  (very) part-time job in a Critical Care Unit (where I came pre-babies, left for a bit, came back, left again and came back ..then brought my husband into the craziness!), a close drive to the beach, many opportunities to serve and a place to make roots that will only extend slightly to the west with our move to Tennessee.

We have had the most wonderful 9 years here.

Where we are currently, is spending a week of child-mandated playdates, mommy coffee-time, getting together with friends as much as possible, help with childcare, friends collecting boxes and sharing in our excitement even as they lovingly mourn our coming separation. We are so blessed.

Where are going is closer to family - we will be living withing 20 minutes of my husbands family, and within driving distance of much of my family (the ones who arent in Singapore). We have a lifestyle of simplicity, and a wonderful rental house waiting for us. We have a bright futures and wonderful blessings just waiting to show themselves.

God is good. His plans are perfect - past, present and future.

I know that so many of us are looking foward to good things. With Christ comes hope and anticipation of good plans to come. Let us never forget the blessings of the moment, though. Let us never forget to embrace this moment's joys for tomorrow's hope.  Dont forget to dwell, to embrace where you are, where God has you right now in this moment. Its a good place, and its part of the plan too.

{Deep breath}. 


  1. My dear friend,
    honestly I think of this through both sides of the coin, so to speak. How could there not be greiving over the loss of physical, close proximity, even though happiness over awaiting the future's blessings...although miles away? Your post reminds me of what I've been working on for awhile now. (tiny, baby-steps perhaps...but forward movement none the less) It really hit me one day....I had been writing some verses as I came across them that very specifically stated God's will. And there is was: "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 1 Thess 5:18


    So there it was, no real way around that slap in the face. And I set to work on it. Thus some changes in prayer, and attitude, coming across little helps such as encouragement from friends and their perspectives, and good book finds such as One Thousand Gifts. Thankfulness in all circumstances is proving to be actual work, but then again, we have the assurance of His strength through us, so I press on. Even when trying to find thankfulness in the move of friends.

    I've heard the sentiment echoed often lately...of joy in the moment. Not missing the minute detail in search of the grand-scale. Consequently, I was again reminded, two verses prior in 1Thess 5, to rejoice always.
    I will try...and pray for the Spirit to bridge the gap. :)
    Thank you for your encouraging words.
    love, Brandi


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