Monday, March 5, 2012

While my words have been few these last weeks in relation to my public writing they are on fire in other writing endeavors! I am making some wonderful progress on the Everything You Need bible study and finding so much blessing in that!

I am also in the process of anticipating a move in the next few months, which is always a big inspiration to me to get things simplified. Our move is largely in hopes of doing just that. In the face of those changes, I am excited to participate in Project Simplify 2012! 

Interestingly, I had already started pondering ways to simplify my boys and kids stuff, which is right were we are starting this week! Wahoo! I LOVE it when that happens! 

See you later this week! 

Update: Okay, so I wont lie, that did NOT happen :) Honestly, I am having a hard time juggling all the things I want and need to do right now! But, I have 100 things I want to say on here, a 1000 things I want encourage God's women with. I will work on getting it to this place ...meanwhile, instead of deleting this little reminder that I didn't meet this particular goal I am going to let it stand as a reminder that God makes other plans for us sometimes and they don't always include decluttering ;)

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