Thursday, October 30, 2008

DeStressor: Surround Yourself with Positive

It is a well known fact that those we spend the most time with,we are the most like.

As moms and wives who so desire that degree of order, accomplishment, purpose, completion, affirmation and peace in our home lives..we need to find those who are like-minded. We need to seek out those friends and sweet souls who encourage that focus on the those priorities ..and distract from added stress.

We certainly cannot eliminate all our connections who cause, rather than help ease, stress. Certainly not. But, the majority of our friend time and social energy CAN be determined to be with those who do so.

We need positive influences, and reminders who encourage us to see above the stress of this moment the blessings that cause the stress, to that with is worthy of our energy, and those things that need to be pushed aside for their lack of worthiness.

There cannot be enough value placed on a friend, mom, sister, fellow mom or all of the above who is in the trenches with you..seeking to manage the chaos that come innately with this blessed life. When she is one who will cheer on your little victories, challenge your areas of weakness, and allow you to mourn your failures.. you have a true friend.

You will be, indeed, too blessed to be stressed.

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