Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stressor ALERT: Comparing

Us girls are the WORST at this, arent we?

I know from personal experience that this one is a doozy.

How often do we compare ourselves to those around us, usually to those girls who seem to be doing SO much better then us? All the time.

And, it stresses us out.

It does me. On some level I know that they are probably stressed about their messy closets, dirty dishes, or their laundry being behind. But, usually it just seems like EVERYONE besides me has it SO much more together than I do.

Perhaps you are one of those gals who people look at and think, "she has it so together." Then you KNOW its true! The reason that I KNOW that people who seem to have it together, probably because I have gotten that a couple times lately.

That made me laugh ...because if those people could see my house right now... :)

Thing is, is that we are naturally bent on comparing ourselves. We do it both to make ourselves feel better ("at least I'm not THAT bad..!") and to beat ourselves up. Neither are good ways to look at ourselves.

Our families are unique to us, and them. Their needs are specific to them. Our goals are different than the gal who seems to "have it together", and the our homes have different dynamics. We are us, and its okay

True that we need to make the effort to be the best we can be always. But the best we can do changes from day to day, and minute to minute. Sometimes the best we could do is all the laundry, unload the dishwasher, do the homework with the kids, prepare a weekly menu and plan the grocery shopping trip. Other days, putting away last weeks laundry is the only thing we can call anything close to an accomplishment for the day. Our best changes as the demands grow and change.

As I speak to myself, as well as anyone who may be willing to listen, I am reminded that we need to only compare ourselves to our own priorities, our own standards and guidelines for our home. We need only compare ourselves to the woman, mom and wife that God wants us to be ..not what we wish we were.

We wish were organized, clutter free, put together, well planned, frugal, energetic, healthy, and able to meet every need of those we love. God wants us to love Him, and the families He gave us. He wants to keep focused on what His job is for us today..which may have nothing to do with laundry.

So, just for today, dont compare yourself to anyone. Only look to the things you feel are the most important for this moment. Dont worry if that other gal made cupcakes, while folding towels, while clipping coupons, while updating her address book, while making herself beautiful, while reading her bible, and washing her baseboards. She probably tripped on the dog the second you looked away, and dropped all that stuff on her perfectly pressed clothes :)


  1. Great post! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't have it all together :) Keep writing!

  2. Uh... I might need to print this one off and hang it on the end of my nose. If nothing else, it makes me feel better that "I'm not the only one." But it also drives home about being the best I can be, and reminding me that some days the "best" is different than other days. Thanks!!


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