Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ready, Get Set....Peace

After taking a bit of a break of necessity from discussing a less stressful lifestyle..I am now living it.

I have moved to a new place and I am being able to create a new environment from "ground" up. From the first box to the 100 still in the garage, I am thinking simple, peaceful, decluttered.

I am also being able to structure my days better ..something about having the house broken up into smaller sections helps me feel more in control of my home. I can have one part straight and enjoy its order, then move onto the next one which is also small enough to get picked up quickly and see a result as fast. Its really great.

All that to say, I am finding it most wonderful to work toward a life of simplicity..filling my days with only things that I love when I have the choice, and being able to get rid of as much as I can that I dont love.

Being able to limit the stuff that really is stress inducing but not necessary, has enabled me to handle the stress inducing stuff that is necessary much better. I dont mind nearly as much doing the laundry, when my schedule is more in order. I can handle the occasional sick or lazy day, without feeling like I have failed at all of it.

To be sure, one does not need a large house or a perfect floor plan to find peace in their home ..but it has sure helped me lately. I think the most difference is my perspective from the beginning ..this new home was going to be a peaceful one, so I needed to plan it appropriately.

I am all about new beginnings ...I love new years, blank journals, the beginning of the week or month, a fresh notepad, an dry erase boards. I love how God reminds us that His mercies are new every morning ...because new is clean and fresh. :)

So, on that note I begin again this journey toward a calm home and peaceful daily existence. Certainly my relationship with God is the first, most important foundation ..on that I want to build this place of calm for all of those God puts in my life.

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