Friday, April 24, 2009

My version of order

Here is what I have done with my board ..its been great to have all of my stuff in one place.

One thing I have found helpful is that I have put a sticky note on my board ..its for those grocery or household items that I think of we need next grocery trip. I write on there, and then just grab that note off the board when its time to go to the store.

I had that in my SLJ but it was getting lost, and I found it a pain to have to get the book out to write it down in there. Then, I didnt remember to grab it when I went shopping. I like this better.

Also, I have written down a verse of the week. We are working on "Do everything without complaining or arguing." Philippians 2:14 ..its nice to have it right there to remind me of the truth, as well as to review it with the kids.

The headings I have on my note side are: Daily (drink water, one load of laundry, Bible study, etc.), Weekly (scour bathrooms, elliptical x3, catch up budget), Honey Please Do, Memory Verse, Prayers, and To Do.

Some of things I have on my calendar are meals planned for each day, birthdays/anniversaries, playgroup activities, school activities, daily prayer focus (each day of the week has a different family member), and deadlines.

I use different colors because I am very visual, so having it designated that way is very helpful. It helps remember things, and I find it less cluttered.

Everyone would not find this helpful, but I do. Whatever works for you, that is what you should do!

Any ideas you have seen or use yourself that would help us order our crazy worlds?


  1. I also love this idea....I may have to think seriously about trying it. I like my lists, but often find that I forget because it's enough just to get all the necessities of two babies essentials, and two babies packed up to get to the grocery store. (I'm not saying anything that you don't understand here...just writing out my thoughts.) I think having a clear and easy calendar with a sticky note list is a GREAT idea and would help me stay organized!

  2. Me likey!! I've thought off and on of getting a white board to fill a similar role, but never could figure out exactly what I want. I like how yours has calendar, notes AND a corkboard area!


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