Sunday, January 8, 2012

Revel in 2012

"Consider it pure joy my brothers" James 1:2

As I say goodbye to 2011, there is a desire to focus more on the "consider it pure joy" portion of this scripture than the following "when you face trials of many kinds" portion of it.  Even though the new year always bring a sense of unspoiled possibilities, of course we know there are trials in the coming months. 

Surely, they will take many different forms and they will change us in ways we do not yet fully comprehend. But, even in the knowing ...I want to count it pure joy even as they are yet to come. 

But not just the trials ..I want to count it all pure joy. I want to look around me and soak in all the good and perfect gifts that are coming "down from the Father of the heavenly lights" (James 1:17) right now, and in the coming months. 

I figure that if I am going to consider it pure joy when I face trials, that I should start practicing on the things that are easy to consider pure joy first :) 

So, instead of making myself a list of New Year's Resolutions I just have one:  Revel. 

Revel in everything...I want to consider it ALL pure joy.

I want to revel in my blessings.
I want to revel in my children.
I want to revel in my health.
I want to revel in my marriage.
I want to revel in my home.
I want to revel in my friendships.
I want to revel in my family. 

With some practice, I even want to ...

revel in my weaknesses
revel in my struggles
revel in my trials
revel in my lack of wisdom
revel in my inability to see tomorrow

I want to fully embrace everything that I am blessed to be part of indulge in every good and perfect gift that I have been showered with. 

 I have already discovered that to really take hold of this focus ...

I need to take time to revel.
I need to nourish my body.
I need to focus on my children.
I need to take time with my husband.
I need to bless my home. 
I need to nurture my friendships.

Here is me engaging in a little revelry:

Joshua, (21 months old) enjoying a pre-dinner snack (a.k.a., 10 minutes of activity that will let mom get dinner started)  ...

Canon (5 years old), enjoying his brother's Christmas present, his heart's desire "a bat cave."

 Tyler (7 years old) and his daddy playing video games, one of their favorite bonding activities.

Not revelry in the truest sense of the word ..since things were actually quiet for my moment of reveling. But I cant think of any better word for how I want to embrace all of this far so good. 

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  1. Revel--what a great word. I love it! Like you, I want to revel in the beauty and the loves of my life...and also in the craziness, the chaos, the hard times. I want to accept everything that comes from God's hand and to live it fully. And I will DEFINITELY need Him every second to show me what such revelry looks like!


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