Monday, January 23, 2012

Living In Revelry

So, far I have learned a few things about living in revelry.

I have learned that first, one cannot revel without being aware of their surroundings.

Simple enough, but its so true! I have found that if I am going to revel in my wonderful life I find that I must be intentionally aware of my blessings, whether overt or disguised by struggles. I have to be purposefully paying attention to what is going on if I am going to revel in all of it!

Then, I am also learning that being aware naturally bleeds into a general sense of gratitudeHow could a mommy not be so when she is reveling in the activity of her busy 21-month old? To revel I have to note the blessings of health and happiness, and then I cannot not feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude and thanks. Even in the face of frustrations and struggles, this revelry naturally seeks out reasons to feel thankful.

Something else every party should be, revelry is fun. I find myself smiling A LOT as I revel in my wonderful life.  Just tonight I was spending some time reveling with my toddler in the fun of swinging on a porch swing. His giggles brought goofy smiles to my own face was revelry, pure and simple.

Finally (for now),  this life reveling really does lend itself to a life that is more peaceful.  Somehow, all the other benefits in mind, I find that when one is focused more on the blessings (and struggles) of life there is more room for deep breaths of peace in my spirit.


Revelry is good...

  {completing my digital Project Life for 2011, looking back on my favorite shots of the year, I am reveling in the relationships I have with beautiful sisters tonight
..Meet Lacey, Kayli and Amber ..left to right, minus me ;) }


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  1. I totally agree, especially the part about revelry being fun. When I focus on truly living every minute, I find myself smiling a lot...mainly because I find my kids to be absolutely hilarious. Also, all the circumstances that would normally be frustrating seem more humorous when I have the right focus. In general then, I just find myself smiling and laughing a lot more...which in turn lowers my stress level. Good stuff.

    PS. I definitely reveled in your company (and that of your family) this past week. Of course, those moments are the easy ones to revel in:).



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