Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pride Before Stress ..2

Thinking of our Stress List, how many things on there can we attribute to things that are there because of pride or lack of humility?

How many things are there because we don't ask for help, because we cant admit a plan doesn't work or that something is out of control, because we can't get over something or because our pride won't give it up?

I can think of a few examples from my own Stress List ...

I am having some difficulty with my neighbor. There have been letters, angry phone calls, threats of calling animal control (my dumb dog), actual visits from animal control, cd's made of my dog barking ...yeah. its been a good one. I stewed about it for a few days, trying to plan my response that needed to be graceful yet pointed.  One day I realized it was being incredibly prideful by not simply apologizing for  our part in her frustrations and work more diligently (we had worked hard to start with, but it wasn't enough to really relieve the situation).

It was not easy (I got me some pride)...but a little humility has allowed me to mark several things related to that situation off my Stress List (not sure about hers, but here is hoping).

Mount Laundrymore is a big issue in our house. I constantly struggle with keeping it under control. But managing the laundry of four boys who seemed to create dirty clothes exponentially was just more than I could handle, but it took some humility to ask that. This week, I finally asked my husband to help me with it. I have enlisted my boys' help too. A little humility has helped me stay caught with my laundry all week, which helped that part of the Stress List.

How often have I not let go of processes, plans, subscriptions, unfinished projects and outgrown clothes to the detriment of my Stress List? Many times, I can tell you.

Pride can be a huge contributor to our stress ...and it takes some humility to recognize it.

It takes some humility to use our Stress Strategies ..each and every one of them. It takes humility to get rid of, get done, get control of, get over, change our plan and be willing to change our perspective on things. It takes humility to realize that God is only one with the divine power to give us our "everything we need" and to be willing to accept it.

What is on your Stress List today that you can relieve with a bit of humility? ..comon' you can admit it ;)

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  1. With two kids, a third on the way, an extraordinarily busy fall, and a husband who is working 12-13 hours days, something has to give these days. And more often than not, it's my being put together when I leave the house. Because I don't want other people to think I'm "that mom" who's let herself go, I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking (and stressing) about the fact that I look like that mom more mornings (and afternoons) at preschool...and the grocery store...and lunch with a friend...and.... Reading this reminded me that, in this season of my life, I'm taking a backseat to my family's needs...and right now that's not just okay, it's pleasing to God. Letting go of my prideful need to look like I have it all together means I can spend that mental energy on something of real value, instead of my stress.


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