Monday, October 10, 2011

Less Stress Tool: Steam Mop

Its funny, I have started this post about 3 times over the last year and I am not sure why I never finished it. I think because I wanted to give this tool its due and I wanted to take the time and do it right.

This is one of my favorite "less stress" tools because it is something that I use on a regular basis to help me with one of my must needed, but much hated chore of cleaning my floors. I have LOTS of wood floors, like both floors of my house ..wall to wall, everything but the stairs.

I also have three boys, a husband, a cat and a dog. That is 24 potential muddy feet whose owners are acutely unaware of the degree of messiness the underside of their feet carry into my house on a daily basis. If you were to do a scientific study on my floor you would all manner of things in your sample, water, mud, various and assundry bodily fluids, and an unidentifiable sticky substance throughout.

All these things require me to sweep, and (blech) mop it regularly (which is a relative term, btw).

Since I hate this chore (it seems sort of pointless?) I have added in a great tool to make it less stressful for me.

My steam mop.

There are several of them out there, I have used a few of them. Only one stands up to my high standards in the area of cost versus quality. High, because if I am going to spend the money on it I want it to work and last more than 5 minutes.

That one for me is the Haan Steam Mop.

It uses steam to clean the floors, using a microfiber pad that is washable. The one I bought came with two, so one is always available to be used.  You just turn it on, it heats up and you can mop away. 

I do not stress over using chemicals around my kids, but I love that it uses water only because water is cheap.  If you do stress over using chemicals around your kids, you will love this thing.

I love that I can mop while my kids are running around because it dries as I mop - no wet floors to worry about. That is helpful, since I usually clean my kitchen floor as I am working on supper or something.

Its super light. I can carry it up and down my stairs with no problem. It has an adjustable handle that works great for me or or my super tall husband (if I can convince him to 'mop' :)

I purchased mine about two and half years ago, haven't needed to purchase any replacement anything. It still works great. I still use it all the time. I am still thrilled with it.

It retails at about $86-99. The best deal I found was on (disclaimer ..I get NO compensation whatsoever for using this link, its just a link from one housekeeper to another) for $86.

 Anyways ..thought I would share. I was using it in my boys bathroom this week and thought I should share that one with you really is a less stress tool for me :)


  1. I absolutely love my steam mop too! Never thought one little tool would excite me so much. LOL I have no carpeting, hardwoods throughout the house & tile in the bathrooms. My steam mop is a God-send. Can't live without it. Thanks for the steamy shout-out! It's so nice we Moms can share our tool successes. ☺ Happy Monday!

  2. I bought this steam mop over a year and a half ago on your suggestion and I love it. Perfect for my super-white tile. Thanks for the suggestion! Every time I use it, I think of you saying your boys can run circles around you while you are cleaning. :) Happy Cleaning!

  3. I'm intrigued with this mop. It looks fantastic. I would love to own this kind of product as well. This mop will surely be perfect for my white tiles in the living room and kitchen. I always use an ordinary mop and absorbents to make the floors clean and dry. Anyway, I look forward to getting this stream mop.


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