Friday, August 15, 2008


Clutter effects all of us differently. It takes varying degrees of clutter to cause stress in our lives. Some of us may feel overwhelmed with a newspaper being on the floor, whereas another gal may be fine as long as there is a path through the room.

The truth is, though, is that eventually clutter adds stress to all of our lives!

We need a degree of order. I believe that God calls us to that. Look at His creation, where things are in perfect harmony and working systematically effecting everything around it (sing it with me..the CIRCLE of life!) . He calls for order in our worship. He calls for rules, regulations, guidelines. He uses clear cut instructions to the Jews in the Old Testament.

God likes order.

Because we are of His nature, a part of us craves this order.

Again, we feel this in varying degrees, but I believe in all of us lies a person desiring to have order in their lives.

Clutter is an outside evidence of a lack of order. It can take over our homes, stress our spirits, and be fuel for negative thinking when we allow it to.

Getting control of our clutter can be a major destressing activity! But, it can be a huge STRESSOR too if you let it get overwhelming!

Some tips,
  • Dont attack all of it at once! Pick a room, section of a room, closet, drawer..and do it a little at a time
  • USE THE TIMER! Set your timer for 10 or 15 minute increments. Its amazing what you can get done in a small amount of time with a little focus.
  • Use ..she can help break it down and help you get control a little at a time
  • Be attentive to areas that are suseptible, and try to keep those places under control every day. Flylady calls them "Hot Spots". For me, its my bar, and having it decluttered everyday is a destressor for me!
There are so many kinds of clutter, and every one of them can benefit from our attention! So, destress your home this week by giving clutter its due!


  1. Excellent Post. Thanks for the clutter insight :)

  2. I woke up this morning already mentally planning my chores....that's my problem, I want to do it ALL in one day. I've obviously had to really adjust that way of thinking now as my priorities have dramatically shifted. But even with having those new priorities, I still get stressed when there's floors to be cleaned, checbooks to balance, bills to be paid, laundry to do, bathrooms to be scrubbed, dinner to be planned, bottles to be made, activities to participate in, blogs to read, hee hee! I'm really trying to make a list of chores, and think of it as a weekly list, rather than a daily list. I guess it's just that I do get such a huge feeling of accomplishment when I've, cleaned, vacuumed, gotten rid of piles ect....that I want to do more of it at a time. I'm working on that time management issue though! Anyway, good advice!


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