Friday, August 15, 2008

Destress Emotions

How often does our stress come from the other emotions that we deal with on a regular basis? We feel so much, so often. Our happiness, sadness, worry and anxiety is most of the time more intense than our male counterparts.

As if thats not enough, we cant ever seem to get in a rhythm with our emotions!

Our emotions are effected by so many factors aside from the emotion triggers themselves. We have so many physical intricacies that cause us to see things totally different from one moment to wonder we are mess much of the time! :)

It is so important to remember that we are unique beings..our bodies produce triggers for emotions that are apart from the situations themselves.

Part of destressing our emotions is being aware when our bodies are contributing more than our hearts are!

Next time you feel overwhelmed, easily irritable, "on the verge" ..consider some reasons besides the situation you are in for feeling the way you do:

* Are you dehydrated? ..water plays a HUGE role in your mental health!
* Are you hormonal? ..this needs no explanation, buts its a valid consideration
* Is your blood sugar low? ...have you eaten today? of the first signs for a diabetic of their blood sugar being out of wack is their irritability!
* Are there underlying emotional causes? the current emotion the REAL issue, or are you worried, anxious or concerned about something else entirely?
* Have you centered your day on God? ..feeling overwhelmed can be the Spirit's way of reminding you to focus on what is really important today!

And finally,

If you feel this way on a regular basis, despite these monitors..check with your physician and make sure there isnt a medical reason you feel so bad! I did this about a year ago, to find that I had hypothyroidism. Once I was on some medication, my world became more manageable!

We must control our emotions if we are going to control our stress, ours and everyone's around us! :)

Another quick thought...these are great ways to give an ounce of forgiveness to those around us who are being overly-emotional! We arent the only ones dealing with emotional stress!

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